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Hello. I am Maria José Giavedoni. I am an English teacher from Argentina. I live in the province of Santa Fe in a small town called Capitán Bermúdez. I am an English teacher and I also a degree in ICT for education and Socioeducative Studies. I teach at primary schools, high school and an English institute. A year and 3 months ago I discovered Microsoft Education Community and found great courses and also started create Lesson plans and           collaborations. Today I a MIE expert a Master Trainer teacher and Guest Speaker. I also had the great opportunity to attend E2 this year. Thanks to this   community I connected my students with the world participating in global projects which helped them to develop 21st century skills required for the future. I decided to join this project because I consider teaching SDGs is crucial to make a change since our students are  the future agents of the world. 

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School participating in the project: Doctor Juan Alvarez school

Doctor Juan Alvarez School

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