Meet Monica -eduHeroe from India

I am Monica Joshi, IT Head, Sat Paul Mittal School, Ludhiana, Punjab, India. My school is child centric, techno savvy and caters to a global curriculum in consonance with changing educational landscape. The school has had the honour and privilege of having the luminaries and stalwarts from various walks of life to visit and interact with the students and faculty of the school. 

I am from a place where technology is not as vast as west but to cope up with the present scenarios, my city is also spurring in the field of IT. I am having an impeccable service record of an educational career that spans over 20 years, to my credit which is supported by MCA and MSc Computer Science I have been awarded as an MIEE, Microsoft Innovative Expert, MIE Master Trainer, Minecraft Global Mentor. Recently, I was selected for E2 – Microsoft Education Exchange, held in Singapore. I had presented a #Teachtalk at Edutech Asia-2017. My case studies has been published in Teaching and technology case studies from India by British council in collaboration with Central Square Foundation. Being a team leader, I firmly believe in motivating my team to work towards excellence. 

As a new age teacher it is my duty to make my students equipped for the future and inculcate the skill of enquiry and knowledge building in my students. It is also my duty to create an environment of blended learning where the students are using tools to create and learn about various situations. The role of the teacher has been flipped in the real sense in my school, with students coming to the for-front using ICT. From attending skype sessions to being resource person, our children have leapt forward in 2018 with confidence of conducting their own Skype collaboration. ICT has empowered our students to create their tutorial videos on usage of various tools that can be used as a resource for learning by other students or schools. 

I would also like to work on the projects wherein my students and teachers are equipped with the 4C’s. Therefore, I am taking a part in #DiY4Earth. Our Team is pretty excited to work for the same.